Why You Should Walk More

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How is walking essential for the health
of the heart and any joints?

Walking is an excellent way to exercise. Walking is low-impact and pretty much everyone has the ability to walk for exercise. It’s inexpensive and can help to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as type 2 diabetes.
Walking combined with a healthy diet is a great way to lose weight. If you still are not convinced why you should walk more, here are five reasons that will make you want to get off your computer and head to the nearest park or treadmill.

Why You Should Walk More:

Engaging in a regular walking program can actually help to aid with the digestive process. Research indicates that a post-meal walk can not only aid in digestion but can also help to control blood sugar levels.
You should walk more for the health of your bones. Walking is not going to add serious bulk to your muscles. Walking will not add bulk to your quads, glutes and hamstrings in the same way that deadlifts or squats will; but walking can still help to build up your strength.
Walking is a strengthening exercise that helps to improve the strength of your legs and core. Walking is also a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
Walking is low-impact and won’t hurt your joints. In most situations, there is no reason to say that you are unable to participate in a walking program as part of a fitness routine.
Did you know that walking can improve your mood. You should walk more for your mental health! Spending all day seated at your computer screen, checking e-mails and meeting tough deadlines can be extremely stressful. Going for a walk can help to improve your mood.
Walking is quick and easy. Walking helps to keep your joints and muscles working properly.

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