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We get a lot of calls and one of the most asked questions is “Are you a real Company”. The answer is – yes. We started our business in 1999, just outside of Nashville, in Smyrna, TN. We have relocated twice. Once to Grenada, MS, then to our current location, Crystal Springs, MS. Crystal Springs is our home town, so, hopefully, we will be here awhile.
We are located in a 27,000 square foot facility that we purchased in 2010. We warehouse over 90% of what we sell, so we sometimes say, hold on, let me go get one so we can better describe the item. Some of the heavier items, we do drop ship from the manufacturer to the customer. This helps to reduce the cost of shipping heavier items from the manufacturer to us, then to the customer.
We also have staff that has actually worked in the health-care setting with patients. We are not a bunch of computer people selling health-care products on the Internet.
So, yes, we are a real company. We rely on this business to pay our bills and put our children through school. And, maybe most importantly, we actually started this business with the goal of helping people find products that make life a little easier.

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