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DHT is dihydrotestosterone, it is one of the major causes of hair loss in men It is caused by an enzymatic reaction of the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase in the scalp skin with testosterone.
Male Hair Loss Causes
For men, who experience hair loss in their 20’s and 30’s, the major cause of hair loss is:
1. Genetics
2. Styling stress
Research has determined that male pattern baldness results from a series of changes in the hair follicle. Changing of testosterone to a substance called DHT is what happens in the follicle. The resulting DHT reduces the follicle size until it produced only a thin hair strand. Toxins, medications, substances and foods also are found in hair follicles.

What Is The Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men?

Free Radical Damage occurs when UV rays from the sun damage the scalp skin and degrade the structure and moisture content of hair. UV rays are also responsible for color fadage. Free radical damage, which destroys skin tissue of the scalp, also occurs within the hair follicle when the very foods, medication, and other substances we ingest react with toxins in our bloodstream. Our body’s natural metabolism for utilizing the foods we eat even causes some free radical production. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Use of them internally through supplements, foods and men’s hair loss products gives a two-fold approach to minimizing the activity of free radicals. The Therapy-G Vitamin Complex includes antioxidants to help fight Free Radicals within the body.
Male Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Loss Treatment For a Man
DHT is dihydrotestosterone, it is one of the major causes of hair loss in men It is caused by an enzymatic reaction of the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase in the scalp skin with testosterone.
Benefit 1: Easy-to-use application process
(1) Cleansing: The antioxidant or scalp BB shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp of sebum build up, gently removes DHT, toxins and free radicals.
(2) Nourishing: The follicle stimulator nourishes the hair follicle and scalp and stimulates vital circulation to scalp.
(3) Conditioning: The conditioning treatment or scalp BB conditioner infuses moisture into the scalp and hair instantly detangling the hair creating manageability and incredible shine without weighing the hair down.
Step 3 alternative Conditioning: Scalp BB Detoxifying Treatment or Scalp BB Reconstructing Treatment
Benefit 2: Thicker Fuller Hair
(4) Volumize: The Volumizing Treatment is applied after towel drying the hair and left on to strengthen the hair shaft and create flexible, fuller hair while protecting and improving hair texture.
Tryptobond Guard is delivered to individual hair shafts, increasing hair volume from its root for thicker, fuller hair.
Benefit 3: Works 24/7
The Moist Application Process (MAP™) is enabled by the patented Tryptobond guard™, which attaches itself to the hair and is not rinsed out when you rinse your hair. The Moist Application Process (MAP™) increases the absorption and efficacy of the nutrients. It also means that the hair is not weighed down making it limp and lifeless. It also allows you to avoid leaving unpleasant fragrances in your hair.
Benefit 4: Instantly Creates a Luxurious Look and Feel
The patented Tryptobond guard™ is delivered to each hair, creating fuller, more flexible hair. Hair becomes noticeably healthier and stronger as Tryptobond guard™ nourishes and conditions the entire hair follicle.
Benefit 5: Conditioning Treatment
Therapy-G’s patented Tryptobond guard™ deeply conditions hair without weighing it down, creating stronger, fuller hair with added texture and shine.
Benefit 6: All the Nutrients Your Hair Demands
Beautiful hair is the result of healthy hair. That is where Therapy-G’s vitamins, antioxidants, and patented technologies come in. Today’s living styles often include tremendous stress, unsteady diets, and fluctuating exercise patterns, which can affect every aspect of your hair’s health. Therapy-G works provides hair with the nutrients needed to overcome the stresses of everyday life, leaving it fuller and healthier.
Benefit 7: Patented Tryptobond guard™
Therapy-G’s patented Tryptobond guard™ allows for easy rinsing of the follicle stimulator, while the MAP™ system allows the hair to more effectively absorb and respond to Therapy-G’s amino acids and antioxidants.
Tryptobond guard’s patented cationic ingredient gives it the ability to attach to individual hair follicles and remain in the hair long after the rest of the treatment has been rinsed. This unique technology enables the Moist Application Process, which allows hair to absorb more nutrients and remain protected from sun exposure, surface damage, color damage, and chemical stress.
Tryptobond guard™ has been proven to:
Reduce surface damage by 60%
Reduce Tryptophan loss by 20% for a 50% increase in comb-ability
Increase Disulfide bond protection (mechanical strength of the hair) by 90% for overall color and tonality protection as compared to other treatment products.
Benefit 8: Protection For Your Hair
Tryptophan is one of the amino acids in hair, and is known to absorb a significant level of UV light that leads to degradation of this amino acid. This in turn leads to a reduced level of protection of the hair when combed, brushed or styled, which leads to damage from this styling stress. The Tryptobond guard™ in Therapy-G shows over 20% reduced tryptophan loss (a 50% increase in comb-ability).
Benefit 9: More Manageable Hair
Disulfide bond cleavage is a chemical change that leads to an alteration of the cuticle cells, increased porosity and a roughening of the hair’s surface. This results in increased combing forces, a loss in mechanical strength, increased damage from UV exposure and in turn breakage of the hair. This weakening of the hair shaft causes loss of color and tonality as well as increased breakage. The Tryptobond guard™ in Therapy-G’s shows over 90% increased disulfide bond protection. (Mechanical strength of the hair).

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