What are the early signs of colon cancer

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Kristopher Saim
VP, Account Director at Department Zero
What are the early signs of colon cancer?

I am a Stage III Colon Cancer Survivior, Advocate and Speaker. For me, it was three basic things, the first two I ignored and the third prompted my action:
Constant stomach irritation – I thought it was due to stress in my job. I thought I was developing a stomach ulcer. My stomach was constantly upset.
My bowels were all over the place – one day I would have explosive diarrhea and the next I was constipated. This type of irregular activity continued for about three months before…
Bright red blood stains were found in my underwear. I had some blood spots fairly regularly towards the end of these symptoms and right before I made a doctor’s appt.
If you are experiencing these or any other common Colon Cancer symptoms, I’d encourage you to go see a doctor. A colonoscopy is NOT as scary or uncomfortable as it may sound – I have had about ten of them in the last five years. There is also a new product out called Cologuard – which is an easy at home test for people over 50 (wouldn’t have helped me because I was in my 30’s).

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