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What are five things senior citizens should not do at the age of 65 and over?

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Mansour Ansari
What are five things senior citizens should not do at the age of 65 and over?

I know what you mean.
Let me give you, say, six things (bonus) to avoid to maintain an active lifestyle because sedentary living promotes diseases, dementia, and or early death. Just loss of muscle and bone mass can cause falls and often leads to loss of independence, and that sucks!
With that said,
Don't stop moving. At this stage, the worst thing you can do is become completely sedentary. Make walking your daily minimum – it keeps your heart strong. But also continue functional strength training to preserve mobility and balance.
Don't let pain prevent activity. It's normal to start feeling more aches, pains and stiffness. But resist letting it progress into limiting activity altogether. Move gently within your limits to retain flexibility and range.
Avoid neglecting nutrition. It becomes harder to recover from nutritional deficits the older we get. Nourish yourself with whole, anti-inflammatory foods full of antioxidants. Support bone, brain, heart and muscle health through diet. My anti-infamitory strategy entails A-Z spices and home cooking.
Don't abandon learning new skills. This can keep you motivated to become “successful” again by learning new skills, whatever it may be.
Avoid anything that sabotages sleep. Sleep is crucial but fragile at this age. Protect your circadian rhythms fiercely. if you don’t know what that means, look it up online. It is the key to maintaining a decent sleep schedule. Don't overindulge in late meals, screens or stressful thoughts that disrupt quality sleep and compound inflammation. I know it is hard but you are the one who asked the question.
You must learn how to safely work with weights, program a safe plan and maintain a strategy to recover faster. As we age, it becomes harder to recover, but there are some excellent recovery strategies that I can share with you.
I can add a few more.
68 years old and follow a similar plan. Having done this for 13 years now, I know it works.