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How can prostate health be improved?

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Mikela Naret
Medical Surgeon at Medical Surgeon (1996–present)Updated Jun 3
How can prostate health be improved?

More than half of Poles over the age of 50 have prostate problems. This causes problems not only with urination, but also with intimate life. Prostate problems can become the source of many male complexes, which means that instead of enjoying sexual life, a man begins to have a "headache".
Prostate hypertrophy and diseases, often ending in cancer, are a big problem in Poland. Mortality from prostate cancer remains high in Poland (it is the second leading cause of death after lung cancer) because most of the time it is diagnosed very late. Men tend to neglect their health, particularly the intimate sphere. Unfortunately, despite educational activities, little has changed in this situation for years. Many men explain problems with urination or with sex life as age and assume "that's the way it is." The very thought of being palpated through the anus by a doctor discourages most of them from visiting the office. This is the most common cause of late detection of severe prostate hyperplasia or tumors.

The causes of prostate problems have been known for years. Among the most important are:
consuming excessive amounts of animal protein (meat, dairy),
are severely overweight or obese (abdominal obesity),
of smoking,
sedentary lifestyle,
sexual abstinence.
excess animal protein
A growing body of research suggests that meat and dairy products act directly on the prostate, in addition to their cancer-promoting effects. The prostate is directly adjacent to the end of the large intestine. This is where the droppings are collected, which contain remnants of decomposing animal proteins that contain various toxic substances. They can penetrate the lining of the intestine and also enter the prostate. That's why it's so important to limit the amount of meat you eat (for example, to two servings per week) and to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and whole grain products rich in fiber and other toxin-absorbing substances.
Overweight and obesity
Excess fat in the body, especially abdominal obesity (so-called beer belly), usually means elevated cholesterol levels, which contributes to endocrine disorders. Cholesterol can be converted into sex hormones, including dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone. Its excess negatively affects the health of the prostate.
In this case, you need to try to restore the correct body weight. It is also worth taking plant sterols, especially beta-sitosterol, which inhibits the formation of DHT and helps maintain the proper level of cholesterol in the blood.
Of smoking
Cigarette smoking negatively affects the entire body, including libido and fertility, causing the deposition of many toxic and acidifying substances. They can also accumulate in the prostate and make it significantly worse. Therefore, in case of encountering problems with the prostate, it is absolutely necessary to give up this addiction.
sedentary lifestyle
It causes a worse flow of blood through the prostate and cleanses it of waste products. However, a sedentary lifestyle does not mean just sitting on the couch. This applies to all men who work in a sedentary position: office workers, drivers, vehicle or machine operators, etc. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle need to be especially careful about the right amount of movement, walking a lot, and playing sports that increase blood flow. in the organs of the small pelvis.
sexual abstinence
For years it has been suspected that sexual inactivity or irregular intercourse (with long periods of rest) negatively affect the state of the prostate. Research confirms this phenomenon and explains it with sperm retention. In this case, a sexual substitution behavior is recommended: masturbation.