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Can a heart attack be stopped while it’s happening

Amy Chai
MD, Internal Medicine, MS EpidemiologyUpdated Dec 3
Can a heart attack be stopped while it’s happening?

Heart attacks are often caused by unstable plaques and clots that form around the raggedy edges. (Simplification but pretty good)
Opening UP the blood flow that has clogged off is vital. But TIME is ticking away.
Every minute you WAIT and think, “Hmmmmmm should I get checked for this crushing substernal chest pain?….Or…NOT????? Is time where literal heart muscle is literally dying due to lack of oxygenated blood.
GO TO THE ER and dial 911
But what if it is just heartburn????
Okay, great news! But what if it is a heart attack?
Don’t screw around with your life. YES a heart attack CAN be stopped in a way that saves muscle tissue in the heart from dying. Bust the clot! Stent it open! Don’t sit around just doing nothing.
Time is muscle!

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