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Another Covid Post

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Peter PhD in psychometrics. Statistical consultant to researchers August 13
Can I die from the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19?

Of the really serious side effects of Pfizer, the only remotely common one (and it s NOT common) is anaphylactic reaction. This happens within a few minutes of getting the shot and can be treated. This is why you are advised to wait for 15 minutes after getting the shot.
The other reactions are very, very, rare.
You are much more likely to be hit by lightning.

Jennifer Larson
Studied Nursing at University of South Dakota (Graduated 1996)August 13

What do you think of a guy telling people who refuse to vax to stay away from the hospitals? After all, if you don’t trust medical people with the vaccine, why trust them with your treatment?
It's an amusing idea and I can definitely sympathize with the sentiment, especially since word on the floors is that the COVID denier anti-vaxxer MAGA patients hospitalized with COVID are treating the nurses on the units like garbage.
There is a certain level of entitlement that comes with refusing everything medical professionals and experts say about the pandemic and then demand to be cared for by people that you'll swear at and demean as they do care for you.
Hospitals will treat everyone who comes in and will strive to be compassionate and professional, even in the face of this. But we have limits and many are getting resentful even if we can compartmentalize it while we are at the bedside.
Just a point of view from a nurse or two.