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I Remedy

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3 ply Medical Disposable Face Mask Box of 50

What makes iRemedy different?

Even in a time of crisis and product shortages, we know you’ve got options when it comes to medical supplies. When you place your trust in iRemedy, we absolutely guarantee customer satisfaction. It’s a promise we can deliver on because we don’t believe in doing business as usual. We’ve created an entirely new approach

Here’s what we do differently:

iRemedy sources the best equipment and devices from MANY manufacturers and distributors throughout the world. This eliminates the dangerous supply chain shortfalls that happen when suppliers rely on a single manufacturer—an unfortunate reality that COVID-19 has so painfully exposed.
Our vast network provides a robust supply of vital, top-quality medical products—including PPE—in MASS QUANTITY. Let us know what you need and we’ll let you know if we can get it.
Our quality-assurance teams inspect and test raw materials and finished products at manufacturing facilities to ensure PROVIDENCE OF PRODUCT, eliminating any worry about counterfeit or expired goods.
We AGGREGATE all these supplies on a custom-built e-commerce marketplace to provide extensive choice and access to Physician Preference Items (PPI). is the only healthcare retailer where you can browse and buy thousands of medical products by a multitude of brands.
Our proprietary retail platform is user-friendly and TRANSPARENT, enabling real-time, competitive pricing. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast.
Our company leaders are experienced VISIONARIES with extensive experience in healthcare software and e-commerce technology. They are well equipped to navigate this unsteady climate and are dedicated to directing supplies to areas of urgent need.